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Autoloading scripts

Autoloading is used to initialize a new SQL system catalog for the database with scripts containing functions, procedures, tables and views while creating a new database with monetdb. Such scripts are kept in the MonetDB library area lib/monetdb5/createdb/ . An overview of the current collection of scripts is listed below. The prefix number is used to direct the order of their execution. Look them up for the details.

Script Description
09_like.sql String regular pattern matching using PCRE
10_math.sql Polar arithmetic
12_url.sql URL manipulations (see manual)
13_date.sql POSIX formatted date coercions ((see man strptime/strftime)
14_inet.sql PostgreSQL inet data type (see manual)
15_querylog.sql Query history management (see manual)
16_tracelog.sql Query trace table (see manual)
17_temporal.sql Additional date, time and timestamp functions
18_index.sql Experimental Ordered index functions
20_vacuum.sql Table vacuum commands (experimental!)
21_dependency_views.sql Schema object dependencies analysis
22_clients.sql Client administration procedures
23_skyserver.sql Application support library
25_debug.sql Debugging tools for optimziers
26_sysmon.sql Active SQL query queue management
27_rejects.sql COPY into reject management
Analytic functions
40_geom.sql Optional Geometry extension library (see manual)
JSON data type support functions
41_md5sum.sql md5 checksum function
45_uuid.sql UUID data type functionality
46_profiler.sql start/stop collecting MonetDB profiler traces in a profiler_logs pool with a specific heartbeat
51_sys_schema_extension.sql Additional tables / views in "sys" schema.
58_hot_snapshot.sql Procedure for creating a backup file (optionally compressed) of the current complete database
60_wlcr.sql Workload Capture and Replay. Master db procedures and functions.
61_wlcr.sql Workload Capture and Replay. Replica db procedures and functions.
72_fits.sql Optional Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) files extension library
(see astronomical-data-analysis-monetdb-data-vaults)
74_netcdf.sql Optional Network Common Data Form (NetCDF) files extension library
(see Extensions/DataVaults)
75_lidar.sql Optional LiDAR data files extension library
75_shp.sql Optional SHP files extension library
75_storagemodel.sql Storage footprint analysis and prediction
80_statistics.sql Analyze tables for optimizer statistics
Example C UDF functions
81_tracer.sql Fine grained system components logging functionality
85_bam.sql Optional BAM/SAM (Sequence Alignment/Map) format files extension library
(see BAM/SAM module)
Table producing functions to generate series of numbers or timestamps
99_system.sql System administration (internal)

Along the same line, MonetDB library area lib/monetdb5/autoload/ contains MAL scripts to be executed each time the MonetDB/SQL server is started.