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April 2012

Apr 2012-SP2 bugfix release

Client Package
  • Resolved a cosmetical error where tab-characters would cause misalignments in tabular result views. For the time being, tabs are now represented as a single space in tabular view.
MonetDB Common
  • Limit number of detected CPU cores to 16 on 32-bits systems to avoid running quickly out of addressable resources followed by a kill from the OS.
Bug Fixes
  • 2594: NULL cannot automatically be casted to every other type
  • 3085: assertion fails upon execution of a valid SQL query
  • 3086: Modulo function does not work in select from table
  • 3087: query causes "Not yet implemented" message
  • 3089: mserver5 crashed if join condition has two column and incorrect order
  • 3090: crashed if using single identifier for where condition
  • 3096: Type of median error



Apr 2012-SP1 bugfix release

Build Environment
  • Windows: we now use OpenSSL 1.0.1b.
  • Databases that were upgraded from the Aug2011 release have an error in the catalog for SQL procedures. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where connecting to a stopped multiplex-funnel would result in a 'there are no available connections' error.
MonetDB Common
  • Implemented MT_getrss for Mac OS X systems, this allows the server to know about how much memory is currently in use.
Bug Fixes
  • 2454: SQL: add various statistical functions
  • 2916: non admin user cannot create temporary tables
  • 2949: SQL exception during execution of a correct user defined function that just returns a relation table constructed by a simple SQL select query
  • 2958: Grant does't work with schema syntax
  • 2960: mclient terminates connection during insertion of a large number of records from a file
  • 2972: SQL URL functionality contains errors
  • 2987: Broken type inference when using sql round
  • 2992: SQL module truncates DECIMALS when passing integers to MAL module
  • 3000: Inconsistency between read-only and read-write modes after dropping a schema
  • 3028: Segmentation fault in seqscan_eq_bte_bte_tloc_void_void
  • 3046: mserver5 terminates with segmentation fault
  • 3063: datacell functions no longer work after restart of database
  • 3072: Database upgrade from Dec2011 to Apr2012 broken for storage()
  • 3073: VERY slow foreign key check (due to missing batcalc.isnil() ?)
  • 3074: Name resolution in procedures
  • 3077: No errors on UDF returning table with too many columns
  • 3079: Converting an Oracle schema DDL for MonetDB fails to create a column named "no".



Apr 2012 feature release

Build Environment
  • Fixed some of the package names for Debian/Ubuntu. Packages for libraries should contain the major number of the library version number. This was not always the case.

  • On Debian and Ubuntu, install Python modules in dist-packages instead of site-packages. This fixed bug 2997.

  • Fixed a crash that happened at the end of a database upgrade to the Dec2011 database scheme. The crash happened during cleanup after the database was upgraded, so it was merely inconvenient.

  • Stripped off implementation-specific parts from error messages before they get presented to the user.

Java Module
  • Password reading by JdbcClient no longer results in strange artifacts

  • JdbcClient now returns exit code 1 in case of failures

  • Implemented missing Number types support in PreparedStatement.setObject()

  • Fixed bug in DatabaseMetaData.getSchemas() method that caused an SQL error when called with catalog and schema argument.

  • Resolved a bug where JDBC and Control connections could terminate abruptly with 'Connection closed' messages

Client Package
  • ODBC: Implemented the SQL_ATTR_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT attribute.

  • mclient now has a -a (--autocommit) option to turn off autocommit mode.

MonetDB5 Server
  • The type "chr" has been removed. chr has long been superseded by bte for 1 byte arithmetic plus it is pretty useless to hold single characters since we use Unicode and thus only a tiny subset of the supported character set would fit.

  • Fixed potential crash by dealing better with non-standard types.

  • A couple of memory leaks have been plugged.

  • The logfile and pidfile monetdbd properties are now displayed with dbfarm path when relative

  • Fixed a bug in the multiplex-funnel where certain clients would abort on responses for update queries.

  • Fixed problem where version and mserver properties for monetdbd were not always successfully retrieved. Bug #2982.

  • Fixed problem where shutdown of monetdbd would lead to shutting down database 'control' which does not exist. Bug #2983.

  • Fixed issue causing (harmless) 'error reading from control channel' messages. Bug #2984.

  • Resolved problem where remote start/stop/etc. commands with monetdb would report error 'OK'. Bug #2984.

MonetDB Common
  • The type "chr" has been removed. chr has long been superseded by bte for 1 byte arithmetic plus it is pretty useless to hold single characters since we use Unicode and thus only a tiny subset of the supported character set would fit.

Bug Fixes
  • 2994: test monetdb5/modules/kernel/Tests/vacuum.mal fails since changeset ada288cef37c
  • 3023: SQL tests fail as error messages now go to stdout iso. stderr
  • 3030: optimizer tests fail with new optimizer framework
  • 3032: numerous M5/MAL tests fail on SunOS/Solaris as TypeExecptions do no longer show arguments in command signatures