Red Hat & CentOS Easy Setup

Step 1

Install MonetDB

Install the MonetDB-release package

yum install

All commands on this page should be executed as superuser (root). You may be able to add sudo in front of every command, or else run su first.

Install the MonetDB GPG public key

rpm --import

Install MonetDB/SQL, use the command:

yum install MonetDB-SQL-server5 MonetDB-client

Step 2

Hello World!

Verify the correct installation of MonetDB.

Create and start a new farm where you can store different databases.

shell> monetdbd create /path/to/mydbfarm
shell> monetdbd start /path/to/mydbfarm

Create and release a Database (default in maintenance mode)

shell> monetdb create mydb
shell> monetdb release mydb

Connect to the database with the following credentials:

default user: monetdb

default password: monetdb

shell> mclient -u monetdb -d mydb

Perform the first query

sql> SELECT 'hello world';

    | single_value  |
    | hello world   |
    1 tuple

Remember to close the query with semicolon

Terminate the connection with the server

sql> \q

Step 3

Have Fun

Now it's time to discover some more advanced features of MonetDB. Go to see our Introduction to MonetDB in the documentation section to discover, among others:

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