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Community plaza

The MonetDB project is based on the skills and energy of many volunteers. In return, the core team invites people to visit the group for short/longer periods to get involved and to contribute to research and code development/maintenance.

Community channels
Ask us on Stackoverflow all your MonetDB related questions. Follow us on Twitter for new releases and other interesting activities.

Reporting a bug
Bug reporting and feature requests are essential to improve the system. Both are handled through github issues on our github mirror repository.

Nightly testing
The test web summarizes the results of the automated testing on the nightly builds of various platforms. It is a good starting point before picking up a daily build version. Beware, such packages are in flux and may contain both the requested patches as areas under heavy development.

Source repository
The MonetDB code base is managed by Mercurial whose web-front interface is easiest for browsing and tracking patches.

For those venturing to install MonetDB from source on their own platform, the compilation essay is a must-read.