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Download area

Download the binary release

In our software repository, you find links to all sources, RPMs & YUM repository files, Debian & Ubuntu packages, Windows 32- and 64-bit installers, and auxiliary Java jar-files.
We recommend Linux as it is our development platform and 64-bits binaries for databases with tables that are expected to grow beyond 2 GB disk space.

Download the source

The software repository provides a tarball to start compilation. The detailed steps are separately documented.

Getting started

After downloading and install the best way to start is to follow the Linux or Windows tutorial.

To justify our effort in maintaining and expanding MonetDB, we appreciate if you reference our scientific papers and/or join our mailing list.


The MonetDB embedded engine is available for C (by linking to the library and Python (available from PyPi).

Release schedule

A feature release is scheduled once every six months or so. Backward compatibility is maintained as best as possible, but some major feature releases may require a dump/restore action.

In between feature releases, we issue monthly bug-fix releases. Simply stopping the server, installing the bug-fix release, and restarting the server is sufficient to remain up to date. We recommend users to deploy the latest (bug-fix) release.

The release notes provide additional information on the latest improvements.