C-functions mk Mon, 04/20/2020 - 17:45

The MAL function body can also be implemented with a C-function. They are introduced to the MAL type checker by providing their signature and an

address qualifier for linkage.

We distinguish both command and pattern C-function blocks. They differ in the information accessible at run time. The command variant calls the underlying C-function, passing pointers to the arguments on the MAL runtime stack. The pattern command is passed pointers to the MAL definition block, the runtime stack, and the instruction itself. It can be used to analyse the types of the arguments directly.

For example, the definitions below link the kernel routine BKCinsert_bun with the function bat.insert(). It does not fully specify the result type. The io.print() pattern applies to any BAT argument list, provided they match on the head column type. Such a polymorphic type list may only be used in the context of a pattern.

     command bat.insert(b:bat[:any_1,:any_2], ht:any_1, tt:any_2)
     address BKCinsert_bun;
     pattern io.print(b1:bat[:any_1,:any]...):int
     address IOtable;